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Software Solutions for Healthcare and other Industries


Scholl Consulting offers custom programming services such as Visual Basic , Delphi, Data Basic, Java and Comprehensive Software Solutions with extensive experience in the healthcare industry.

Capabilities Overview

  • Application development
  • Software Integration
  • EDI X12 consulting
  • Multi-value Database programming
  • Graphical User Interfaces for legacy applications
  • HIPAA Implementations

Products Overview

  • HIPAA related software components for the Healthcare industry
  • GUI Restaurant Delivery System
  • MHC add-ons
  • Multi-value Database systems



The HIPAAsuite and HIPAA Claim Printer are now at

    Under the HIPAA act the healthcare industry is required to be able to process medical claims in a uniform data format, effective 10/1/2002. The purpose is that payors and providers will exchange data and payment information quickly and efficiently, just like credit card or ATM transactions are handled. .

This specific data format of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is standardized by the government under the name X12. Medical claims use the 837 transaction set.

The HIPAA Claim Printer parses the EDI transaction set and prints the information on UB92 and HCFA-1500 forms. It allows HMO's to process this new format and use their existing equipment like data scanners, or with existing personnel like data entry clerks.

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