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HIPAA 270/271 Eligibility Pro

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The HIPAA270/271 Eligibility Pro parses X12 270 Eligibility and Benfit requests, displays them in a form and allows the creation of an X12 271 Eligibility Response

Part of the HIPAA compliance requirements are the ability to receive and process 270 documents and to be able to create X12 271 Eligibility Response files.

The HIPAA 270/271 Eligibility Pro with its build-in translation engine extracts the information in an X12 270 Eligibility Request and stores that information in a database.

The request is then displayed in a screen

Fig1 Dsiplaying a X12 270 Eligibility and Benefit Request (Click to enlarge)

In order to create a full response, the operator is taken through a series of screens where HIPAA compliant code sets for the response can be chosen.

Fig2 shows the 271 Response screen. (Click to enlarge)

Once the appropriate response is created, additional entity information like the PCP etc. can be added and the X12 271 is created.

Fig. 3 Information on a PCP, added to the 271

Integrated into the product is also an EDI viewer. This is a special text viewer that allows you view the content of the EDI file color coded and with each segment on a new line. Often it is important to be able to see the segments in order to debug or fine tune the application and compare the output with the incoming raw data.

Fig. 4 The 271 Eligibility and Benefit response that was created with the HIPAA Eligibility Pro. (Click to enlarge)

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