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Java Eligibility Verification

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JavaUniverse and Java

Java has become increasingly important as a language for the Internet.

Universe has an Application Programming Interface (API) for the Java language.

The following example is from a proposal for an application for the healthcare industry. It allows for health care providers to check the eligibility of patients. It consists of a Java servlet that queries the MHC database. Providers can log in with their username and password and enter a Member id or Social Secuirity Number. The servlet then queries the database and returns patient information.

Picture1 shows the overall view in a web browser with the provider log-on screen.

(Click to enlarge)

A provider has to log on with his username and password. An eligibility inquiry requires to enter a Social Security number or a client identification number.

The patients information is then returned to the browser. (Made illegible for privacy protection)

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