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How does HIPAA consulting work?

Preparing for HIPAA -Administrative Simplification Compliance can be a daunting task. Achieving compliance with the EDI transaction sets takes a long time and requires much expertise. Anybody who has started looking into the regulations, the implementation guides and the various vendor offerings knows that this can be a confusing task that takes full-time attention.

That's where we can help with our in-depth expertise in the area of EDI transaction sets. We are committed to fast and cost effective solutions that are tailored to your enterprise.

We believe in a multi-phase approach to achieve HIPAA compliance

  1. A thorough examination of your present situation. During this phase we will ask:
    • • Where does the data reside?
    • • How does the data flow?
    • • Are there critical interfaces?
    • • How are claims handled, re-handled, updated etc.

  2. Once an analysis of the present workflow and system is completed, the overall goal has to be established. We are concerned not only with HIPAA compliance, but also with the future goals of your company. Question to consider include:
    • • Where do you want to be in 2 years, in 5 years?
    • • Do you need a completely new system or just some modifications?
    • • Will EDI be a new way to do business or just one more requirement that one has to fulfill?

  3. A HIPPA Gap Analysis is then performed, where the difference between the existing system and the desired end result will be established. Additional functionality, workflow, data flow and requirements are listed.

  4. The design of your solution is the phase where equipment (both software and hardware) is chosen, resources allocated, and a project plan (with budget) is determined.

  5. Proof of concept and feedback from all departments involved is crucial. Every manager involved in HIPAA has to sign off on the changes and be aware of the requirements an effort associated with HIPAA compliance brings with it..

  6. The execution plan is established and includes details on putting it all together, managing the time and budget, checking functionality, and beginning testing

  7. Testing and Implementation for a typical EDI conversion takes 3 to 9 months. The testing phase with Trading Partners is time consuming. It requires fine-tuning of processes, and thorough training of the personnel and trading partners.

We can assist you at all of the phases of your HIPAA compliance project, and ensure a successful, cost effective migration.

We can assist you at any and all of the phases of your HIPAA compliance project and assure a successful and cost effective migration.

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